We never post calls for submissions that require a submission fee. Learn more here.

our no-fee policy

Canadian Playwrights* is the only online source for playwrights submission opportunities (as far as we know) that refuses to run calls for submissions that charge a submission fee. 

We feel it is disrespectful to playwrights to expect them to pay simply to have their play considered for a reading, production, publication, etc. As a result we list fewer submission opportunities than other online sources, but you can be sure our opportunities are fee-free.
Sometimes we accidentally posted a fee-charging opportunity - if you see something, say something - contact us at ocanada@mergatroyd.org. Thank you!

Participation fee opportunities

Canadian Playwrights will run calls for submissions which require a participation fee. A participation fee is money required from the playwright once their play has been selected for a reading/production.

Canadian Playwrights feels that participation fees are acceptable because the playwright is guaranteed to get a production out of it. In contrast most of the people who pay a submission fee have no guarantee they will get a production in exchange for their money, or even a guarantee that someone - and someone who understands how play scripts work - will look at their script in exchange for the money.

Canadian Playwrights feels that as long as the playwright is given sufficient information about what they are to receive in exchange for the participation fee, we will leave it up to them to decide if they find it to be worthwhile.

*and our sister site NYCPlaywrights.org