We never post calls for submissions that require a submission fee. Learn more here.


Send your advertisement request to ocanada@mergatroyd.org

Free shows for free

If you have a free show coming up anywhere in Canada, let us know and we'll post it for free. We post Canada-based free shows in the weekly email.

Exchange-system advertising

If you want to promote a show and you have a discount code or free tickets you can share with visitors to Canadian Playwrights we will post your show information on the Canadian Playwrights blog and mailing list for free.

Paid Ads

You can pay for your ad(s) either by PayPal or snail mail.

$15 blog post

Canadian Playwrights will run other theatre-related postings - upcoming staged readings, notices for upcoming publications of scripts, etc. for a fee of $15.

We also require a $15 fee if you want to run a call for submissions that is not open to Canadians.

There is a limit of 500 words for this blog post. There is a charge of .25 per word for additional words.

$25 weekly email ad blast

You can run a text-only ad in the weekly Canadian Playwrights email blast sent to the Canadian Playwrights mailing list.

The email is sent every Saturday at around 5PM.

The charge is $25 per week. There is a maximum of 100 words for this ad. Additional words will result in a charge of .35 per extra word.

Sign up for the mailing list here.


Banner ads may be purchased on a daily or monthly basis. Ad art services are also available. The banner ads run either on the right-hand side of the Canadian Playwrights web site, or along the top.

See an example of a banner ad we've run (300 x 125) here.

    300 px wide x 65 px high
    $35 for 30 days
    $2.50 per day
    300 px wide x 125 px high
    $75 for 30 days
    $3.50 per day
    300 px wide x 250 px high
    $125 for 30 days