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Thursday, March 1, 2018

30 Plays in 30 Days

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Aspiring Playwright Application Form

What are we looking for in an aspiring playwright?:

- You must be between the ages of 13 to 18
-You DO NOT need to have prior experience writing a play (our mentors are here to help you)
-You DO NOT need to come to this program with a play already written or even started (our mentors will help you). We just want your idea.
-You DO need an idea for a play
-You Do need to be creative, passionate, dedicated and willing to learn.
-You will spend 11 hours a week with your mentor during the month of July and approx 11 hours a week in August overseeing the rehearsal process of your play. You will need to commit and be available for this time as time is limited in this project.
-Our youth playwrights will have to arrange their own transportation to and from our studios (91 Doncaster Ave – Near Younge & Steeles)
-We are particularly interested in play ideas about the youth experience as you see it. We know that some of the best art is created when people are telling stories that are connected and meaningful to them. Play ideas can be autobiographical but they don’t have to be. We do have particular interest in youth stories though (autobiographical or not) and stories that will resonate with other young people. Please keep this in mind when submitting.
-You must complete the required questions in full to qualify. Successful candidates will be contacted no later than early June 2018.
-Only 1 submission per applicant and only 1 play idea/proposal per submission please.

Application deadline is May 1, 2018. 

If you have any questions please email sarah@thatzshowbiz.com.