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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Teesri Duniya Theatre seeks plays about diversity

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We are looking for culturally diverse and First Nation plays that are politically relevant examining meaningful social and cultural questions, exploring diverse worldviews and historical events that affect our lives and our socio-cultural heritage.  We are interested in plays that engage the audiences both mentally and emotionally. We prefer plays that encourage dialogue, intercultural respect, and give exposure to marginalized communities and spotlight communities’ pressing concerns. We are open to playwrights of all cultural backgrounds as long as their work meets the above criteria and cultural diversity is expressed in a significant way in plot and characterisation. We define cultural diversity as Canadians of Aboriginal, African, Asian, South Asian, Arab, Muslim, and Latin American/Hispanic heritage that are often described as multicultural, ethno-cultural, visible minorities, communities of color or so on.

Under special circumstances, we will consider a truly political play even if it does not have a culturally diverse component.

Please submit your play and a short synopsis electronically.

Please include your biography, and the play’s production history and write in the subject line: Play Submission/(title of play).

We will acknowledge receipt of your script and you can be assured that every script will be read within six months.  We will be in contact with you at that time if the script is of interest to us.

Please send your submission to

Rahul Varma
Teesri Duniya Theatre
460 St Catharine St. west, Suite 916,
Montreal, Quebec H3B 1A7