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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Stratford Festival submission guidelines

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We are committed to developing and producing new Canadian work that complements and enhances our focus on what is traditionally defined as the classical repertoire.

While we’re open to all forms – drama, comedy, adaptations, musicals and family-friendly fare – we’re especially interested in ambitious, large-cast plays that articulate the great themes of classical theatre. We also favour plays that feature a female point of view and offer sizeable opportunities for female actors, and that reflect the cultural diversity of life in Canada today.

Although Shakespeare lies at the core of our programming, we are unlikely to be interested in new work inspired by his plays or that might be defined as a “new take on” or a “revisioning of” the original texts.

At any given time, we are developing and supporting about 15 new projects. This includes seeding of first drafts, commissions, dramaturgical feedback, readings and in-house workshops. We put the playwright at the centre of the process, actively participating in the development of his or her work.

We don’t accept, and won’t read, unsolicited manuscripts. However, our Director of New Plays, Bob White, welcomes letters of inquiry about specific projects. Please contact him by email. We ask for a description of the work, plus any background on development to date. A brief bio is also helpful. If we feel the project might be appropriate for further consideration, we’ll ask the playwright to submit a draft. We consider only material by Canadian playwrights.