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Monday, December 4, 2017

2018 Fringe Festival Artist Application

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Applications are due by 6pm (AST) on Monday, January 15th 2018.

Please make sure to read the following "Info for Applying Artists" before applying to the 2018 Island Fringe Festival.

Welcome to the Island FRINGE Festival! Please take a moment to read this before filling out the application form. Even if you’re a Fringe veteran, please read this closely, as the Island Fringe is very special and different.

FRINGE Festivals® strive to make theatre accessible and affordable for both the artists and the audience. The Canadian FRINGE Festivals® are built on four principles:
1) No Artistic Direction. Artists are selected by lottery.
2) There are no limits on content or title; no censorship is applied.
3) Accessibility to artists. Anyone can apply to the lottery and the fees are kept low.
4) Accessibility to audience. Ticket prices are kept low & 100% of the ticket price is returned to the artists.

For more information, please visit the CAFF home page: www.fringefestivals.com 

The Island FRINGE is a site-specific Festival. This is an opportunity to bring your show into a unique space in downtown Charlottetown. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of staging a show in a park or by the sea or in a diner, complete with milkshakes. Our goal is to shake up theatre while keeping it affordable for both artists and audience. Because the performance venues we use are unconventional spaces, most do not have the capabilities for traditional tech (lighting grid, etc.) We love alternative tech though and the site-specific nature of the festival allows us to be resourceful and creative when imagining tech options for participating shows. If tech is an integral part of your show, let us know and we will consider your technical requirements when selecting your venue.

Another unique aspect of the Island Fringe is that rather than having a set ticket price, all of the shows are admission by donation, with 100% of the donations going directly to that show. The suggested donation is $10 per person. This model has proved to be profitable for companies and it contributes to the open and accessible atmosphere of the Island Fringe. The by-donation model attracts large numbers to the shows and our audiences give generously. Since 2012, all participating companies have made back their Festival Fees and most have made a nice profit from their shows. Fringe staff and volunteers are present at every performance to collect donations for the show and explain the by donation-model in our pre and post-show announcements.

What the ISLAND FRINGE offers you:
- We select 10 companies by lottery (out of a hat).
- We provide sites and create some tech options in advance.
- We create a schedule of 4 performances of your show.
- We publicize the festival as a whole (program, posters, flyers, ads, website, special events, etc.)
- We collect donations on your behalf at the shows (we do not take any cut of the donations.)

What you do:
- You apply (If selected there is a Festival Fee of $250.)
- You rehearse your show.
- You publicize your show (we will give you media lists to help you).
- You provide your own stage manager to run tech during your shows.

Please note: If you do not bring a stage manager to run your tech during shows, we will hire someone to run your tech. It will cost $250 ($50 per show and $50 for the tech rehearsal.)

You get a technical rehearsal of up to 3 hours with the Island Fringe tech team and your stage manager (who will be running your tech during the performances.) You'll have 15 minutes to set up each performance and 15 minutes to strike it. Sound fun? Read on!

THE LOTTERY. The Island FRINGE reserves the right to have the following quotas: 4 Island shows, 2 Canadian shows, 2 International shows, 1 Kids Fringe show, and 1 Francophone show. There are five separate lotteries, one for each quota. We will determine your category based on the address you provide (or the specific category in the case of Kids Fringe and Francophone productions.)

Your application must be submitted by 6pm AST on January 15, 2018. (The lottery will take place on January 16, 2018.) The lottery will determine the participating companies and the order of the waiting lists. We will only accept applications through the online form submission. Please do not send applications through email or post.

Waiting List. If you wind up on your quota's waiting list, don't despair! We usually have spots open up!

VENUES. Please remember that the Island FRINGE is a site-specific Festival. Our mission is to create new performance sites out of unique and unconventional venues. We will select a venue that best suits the needs of your show.

YOUR COMPANY. To give everyone a fair chance, the Island FRINGE will only accept one show per company. If you send more than one application, only one will be accepted. You may not change the name of your company after we receive your application form. It is forbidden to sell or give away your slot to another company. It’s not fair to the groups who have gone through the application process and are on the waiting list.

RUNNING TIME. There is a maximum running time of 60 minutes. If your show runs much less than that, not a problem! We welcome all sorts of shows and sometimes great art only needs fifteen minutes! We understand that you may not yet know how long your show will be, so we recommend that you estimate high rather than low in terms of show running times. If your show runs over 60 minutes, there will be a $50 penalty per night. Running over your scheduled time is unfair to audiences and other artists. We create the schedule so that people can see multiple shows a night. By running overtime, you are preventing audiences from being able to see other shows, which is very un-FRINGE.

FEES. $250, once accepted into the Festival. (You have 7 business days to send in your cheque. After that, your spot will be offered to a company on the waitlist.)

   Once accepted, please send a cheque made out to THE ISLAND FRINGE FESTIVAL for $250 to :

   The Island Fringe Festival
   PO Box 272
   Charlottetown, PE
   C1A 7K4

Please note: If your cheque bounces, you will lose your place.

International companies: The fee is in Canadian dollars. Check with your bank to make sure that your cheque’s currency is in Canadian dollars prior to sending it. You can also use a certified cheque for this.

Are the fees refundable?
Once a company has sent in the Festival Fee, it is not refundable.

ACCOMMODATION (non-Island companies)
While the Island FRINGE Festival cannot guarantee visiting companies free accommodations, we will try to help you find lodging.  However, the responsibility rests on each company to ensure their own accommodations. If you’re a visiting company, we’ll send you a list of affordable options.

Please be sure to have passports for every member of your cast and crew who will be coming to Canada for the Island FRINGE Festival. Without them, you will not be able to get into Canada. You are also responsible for any permits and visas which may be required of you by the Canadian Border Authorities. Please note that each company is responsible for its own transportation to and from PEI.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us at islandfringe@gmail.com