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Monday, November 13, 2017

2018 10x10 Play Submission Guidelines

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We invite novice and experienced writers from Northwestern Ontario to submit their 10-minute plays for the Sixth Annual 10x10 Play Showcase.

Submitting a play is simple, but there are some important things to keep in mind for your play to be eligible.

Plays are ten minutes in length with a minimum use of props, lights, sound and sets. Each play can have up to four actors.

Writers may submit only one play to 10x10.

A panel of three established members of our local theatre community will read the eligible plays and choose ten plays they feel are the strongest and will best represent an exciting evening of theatre. The scripts will be read blind (anonymously).

All submitted plays that meet the eligibility criteria may receive written feedback at the playwright’s request. [SEE Submission Form]

The authors of the ten selected plays will be expected to further develop their work. Playwrights will meet with 10x10 to agree on a development plan that may include readings and working with a dramaturge.

Writers may not direct their own work but instead will be able to focus on collaborating as a playwright with other theatre practitioners in the development process.

Some tips on writing a ten-minute play:

 There is no restriction of subject matter, but plays will be chosen based on the potential for further development. So get inspired and write about what fascinates or moves you!

 A 10-minute play is a dramatic form in its own right, with a beginning, a middle, and an end.
 Your script should be an original work that has not been previously produced by10x10.

Some things to keep in mind about the production parameters: SET & PROPS

While writing your script, please keep in mind the limited staging requirements. Many of the decisions regarding props and set pieces will be the responsibility of the director; however, if the action of your play requires objects, please keep in mind:

 Available set pieces are limited to 4 chairs, 1 small table, and 3 large wood boxes (they can be stood on, placed together to make a bench/platform).

 We encourage the use of costumes and necessary hand props. Some hand props and costumes can be provided/sourced by 10x10.

 When you are devising hand props, please keep in mind that backstage space is limited.

 There can be no recorded sound effects or music. Any sounds will have to be created live by members of the cast. Light cues are limited to simple fades and blackouts.
 Lighting cues within the script should be kept simple and limited to only a fade or black out, as no special effects will be provided.

To be eligible, a script must meet these criteria:
 Maximum of 4 ACTORS
 7 page maximum in order to keep plays to 10 minutes or less
 Margins: 1 inch L/R and 0.5 inches top/bottom.
 Times New Roman font size 12.
 Pages should be numbered starting with the first page of the script (not the character list)

 Do NOT include identifying information on the script itself, only on the submission form and cover page. The scripts will be read blind.

A sample of the script format may be viewed by downloading the 10x10 Script Format Sample PDF file.

**NEW THIS YEAR: all submissions must be digital (ie, no hard copies). The SUBMISSION PACKAGE must include:
 Completed 10x10 Play Submission Form.
 A digital file of your script. NO identifying information should be on
the script itself.
 A title page which includes title, playwright’s name and date.
 A brief synopsis or teaser of the play (100 words or less) for promotional purposes (SEE sample script).
 A character list showing character name, age or age range, gender and any other specifics necessary for casting (e.g. accents). Please be as specific as possible in describing your characters, as this will be helpful for casting actors.
For ease of printing and page numbering, you may include your Title Page and Character List (with synopsis) in a file separate from the script file.
Electronic files will be accepted as only Microsoft Word .docx or PDF files. Please check for conversion errors before submitting. The script must appear in the format described above.

**If your play is selected for the 10x10 Play Showcase, you must reply to your selection notice within 24 hours.

Showcase playwrights must be available to participate in all development activities including consultations with director, dramaturge, and roundtable readings. (Please refer to the website Timeline for the latest updates.)
 February 12: Announcement of selected plays
 February 13: Confirm selection notice
 February 12 to 16: Consult with dramaturge
 February 16 or 17: Roundtable Reading
 February 18 to March 9: Consult with director
 March 9: Final rewrite due
 March 19: Production Kickoff (table reading with cast & director)
 April 13 & 14: Showcase Production
 April 30: Showcase Review Meeting